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Our Clients

Our Clients

In pursuit of Excellence concerning its Quality of service, Yahmaa commits to providing effective and fast responses to its Clients’ needs by a professional and dedicated team. Moreover, Yahmaa maintains positive and constructive cooperation with its Clients while maintaining its integrity. At Yahmaa, we have established a good cooperative relationship with governmental, semi-governmental, and private sectors.

The success of the company rested more on outstanding coverage for all healthcare centers and hospitals.

Meanwhile, The Current Excellence In Private Sector, What Confirms Its Distinction Is That It Has A Dedicated Professional Team For Each Sector:

  • Ministry of Health Facilities.
  • Ministry of National Guard (NGHA).
  • Ministry of the Interior.
  • Private Facilities.
  • Military Hospitals.
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense.
  • Institutional hospitals.
  • Yahmaa Medical company serves all healthcare system which consists of 3 tiers: 
  • Primary (Healthcare Centers)
  • Secondary (general hospitals)
  •  Tertiary (specialist hospitals). 
  • Clinics for preventive, prenatal emergency, basic services, Mobile clinics for remote areas.
  • Health Centers are assigned to catchments areas with a defined population and they act as the first point of contact for patients.