Serum for eyebrow and eyelashes

Serum treatment makes your eyelashes up to 45% longer in 2 months.
DERMOACTIV® Prisma Natural introduces the eyebrows & eyelashes serum treatment, a gel emulsion of topical use with X10 LASH™, 100% natural active that stimulates cell proliferation in the hair bulb, proving in vivo that it increases the length and density of eyelashes up to 45% in two months. This treatment is enriched with actives that increase the density of lashes and microcirculation, with panthenol that hydrates and strengthen hair follicle, and hyaluronic acid that moistens lashes and improves its appearance.

X10 LASHTM: 100% natural active, extracted from millet, which active molecule is called miliacin.
Miliacin is encapsulated by polar lipids and acts in the hair bulb. This active is extracted, purified,
and fractionated via CO² technology, supercritical that is environmentally friendly.
Stimulation of growth, there are two ways:

  • Accelerating the pace: Milicin, the active molecule of X10 LASH™, significantly stimulates proliferation of the cell that allows the eyelash to grow faster. 
  • Keeping the eyelash in the anagen growth phase: X10 LASHTM significantly increases the excretion of IGF1 that stimulates the growth of the eyelash keeping it in the growth phase were the follicle remains healthy and its cells have a permanent activity.

After 2 months of treatment with X10 LASH™ we appreciate: 
PROCAPIL®: combination of a vitamin matrikin (biotinyl-GHK) with apigenin (natural flavonoid) and oleanolic acid of natural origin. PROCAPIL® promotes the anchoring of the hair, strengthening the metabolism and the structure of the hair follicle.PANTHENOL: provitamin B5 hydrates and strengthens the hair follicle improving the resistance of the eyelashes.HYALURONIC ACID: helps to hydrate the eyelashes and eyebrows, improving their appearance.

Serum treatment makes your eyelashes up to 45% longer in 2 months.

Warnings & Precautions:

100% natural: non-irritating no phototoxic no mutagenic Avoid contact with the eyes. In the case there is itching, dryness or redness, stop using it. If it does not improve, see your doctor. Do not use the product during lactation, pregnancy or under chemotherapeutic treatment.

Use, twice a day, morning and night, apply profiling the eyebrows in the same direction of the hair and at the base of the eyelashes (eyeliner mode) avoiding contact with the eyes. Do not apply more than necessary. Keep the applicator in a hygienic way, to avoid infections.


5ml tube with brush.
Manufactured by Nueva Dietetica S.L., Spain. 
Ask your pharmacist about DERMOACTIV® Prisma Natural X10 Lash eyebrow and eyelashes Serum

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