Vitakids® Royal Jelly

Food supplement

Vitakids® Royal Jelly is a tasty range of fruits pectin-based food supplements: physical, memory, natural defenses, etc. 

Melting deliciously in the mouth. Simple pleasure of taking care of yourself every day.
Vitakids® Royal Jelly contains royal jelly 100mg and linseed oil 25mg (Alpha linolenic acid ALA 12.5mg)

  • Royal jelly is a source for all vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, enzymes and its bio-active compound 10--HDA reported to have anti-tumor,antibiotic, immunomodulatory, estr enic, neurogenic, and innate immune response modulating activities.

  • Linseed oil have high Omega-3 Fatty Acids contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a form of omega-3 fatty acid that is only converted in small amounts to active forms of omega-3, like EPA and DHA, essential to health and have been associated with benefits like reduced inflammation, improved heart health and protection for the brain.

Vitakids® Royal Jelly comes with tasty flavor strawberry. 

Food supplement to enhance your vitality, memory and natural defense.

Warnings & Precautions:
Organic, diary free, gluten free, vegan.
Suitable for children aged 4 and over.

One or two fruity little bear cubs a day are enough to gently take care of your children.

50 bears gummies
Manufactured by Larune Paris, France.
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