Imuno BC® Junior

Food supplement to enhance immunity 125ml liquid

Imuno BC® Junior is a smart natural formula to help enhancing the immune system of children to prevent and treat viral seasonal and non seasonal infections, bacterial infections and recurrent cases of respiratory and urinary infections through its main active constituent, BETA (1,3/1,6)-D-GLUCAN, possesses a well established and clinically proven immunomodulatory effect that can enhance the efficiency of both Innate and Adaptive immunity in children.
Well established efficacy and safety both as prophylactic and therapeutic for pediatric applications.
Derived from ingredients that are 100% from natural sources to ensure purity and viability.
Added to the formula, more than 60% NRV of Vitamin C which results in a synergistic effect that maximizes immunity enhancing effect.
Beta D-Glucan is the first choice to enhances immunity in seasonal and non-seasonal infection such as: Flu and common cold by reducing the symptoms and decrease the recurrence.
Well, tolerated. Comes with a great taste. European manufacturing quality product.

Food supplement to enhance immunity in seasonal and non-seasonal infection such as:
Flu and common cold.
Warnings & Precautions:
Shake before use!

To be taken in a dose of 1ml/5Kg body weight once a day, for 1-3 months. During increased needs, it is recommended to take a double dose first three days.

125ml liquid
Manufactured by Yesenka, Croatia, EU
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